Mogadishu Mile

The Mogadishu Mile Virtual Event is Three Ranger Foundation’s annual commemoration of the heroic actions of Task Force Ranger and remembrance of the fallen warriors of Operation Gothic Serpent, Somalia, October 3, 1993. The daylight operations began the afternoon on October 3 and did not end until the final Ranger element departed the city in a running gun battle now known as the Mogadishu Mile the morning of October 4. 

All proceeds from the Mogadishu Mile Virtual Event shirt sales benefit the Three Rangers Foundation. The Foundation directly supports active duty and former Rangers, their families, and Ranger Gold Star Families from the US Army’s 75th Ranger Regiment, to include Veterans of affiliated supporting units.

Registration for the Mogadishu Mile Virtual Event is for the virtual event only.

The 27th Anniversary Mogadishu Mile 5k race in Columbus, Ga. on October 3 is not a Three Rangers Foundation event. Please register for the "in person" 5k at Mogadishu Mile 5k.