Ogie Outdoors

The OGIE™ Mask is an open ear hunting face mask. It’s the only hunting face mask that allows you fully expose your ears (or cover them) while staying concealed on your hunts. Hunting face masks with little holes don’t allow all the sound to come in, and cutting holes gets uncomfortable after a few hours. The OGIE™ Mask works just like your normal hunting face mask, but you have the ability to comfortably raise or lower our patented ear flap, giving you clear crisp hearing on your hunts. Whether you are hunting whitetail deer, turkey, or fowl; the OGIE™ Mask will stop that muffled sound you get from normal hunting masks and allow you to hear clearly. We designed the Ogie™ Mask to be easy to adjust and once it is set where you like it, it won’t shift around on your face. All you need to do is lift the ear flap upward to expose your ears or drop it down to cover them. Easy as that!

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