About Us

Our Mission: Going Beyond Apparel

At Frag Out, we not only produce the most comfortable custom apparel, but we strive to give back to the veteran community. Our goal, as we grow and hire veterans, is to create an environment of camaraderie that veterans can connect with from their time in service. By doing so we want to provide local veterans with a smoother transition from military service while they find their new mission in life.

We want our products to represent the brotherhood we loved while serving and the patriotism we have for the country we served. 

Our Story

After serving 13 years in the U.S. Air Force, Nicholas Franz, CEO of Frag Out Clothing Company, began his transition to civilian life. Like many veterans, Nick’s plan was simple, get a job and use his leadership skills to help a company.

That plan turned out to be more challenging than anticipated as companies wanted specific job related experience. So, Nick opted to use his G.I. Bill and go back to school to earn a marketing degree from Drexel University, where he caught the entrepreneur bug.

After a lot of research and personal reflection, Nick not only wanted a business that would support his young family but would also spark his passion and be self-funded, as well as a company that could help others struggling with their career and the transition to civilian life.

Frag Out Clothing Company was born in 2015. 


Acta Non Verba

We take as much pride in our customer service as we do in our country! Need to return an item? Want to place a custom order? Just need a radio check? You can email us at Contact@fragoutcc.com.